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Subtle as Cellophane

Post # 127, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

I recall my political friend George DePontis bellowing from the back of the City of Miami Dinner Key Auditorium, "Commissioner, that is about as subtle as cellophane." He was talking about Commissioner Joe Carollo, who was making up information about cable television service in Miami. George was emphasizing that the Commissioner's tactic was apparent and clear to all in the audience as a diversion from truth.

It came to mind when I listened to President Trump float the idea of postponing the upcoming Presidential election. First, it was pointed out that as President, he has no such power. Next, he made no sense what so ever, at least to me about why such a historic exception was necessary. He was talking about millions of people voting by mail, which is what you would expect in a national and deadly pandemic. Lastly, as clear as cellophane, was his strategy of blaming any and everything on the election he is now expected to lose. By laying out, albeit a bold. lie as the reason he will lose the election, and then repeating it for months would serve him well when he challenges his lost election in the courts in mid November. He has used this strategy in the past and apparently sees no reason it will not work again in this election. To add his trademark on this obvious strategy, he said, "Everyone is talking about this election fraud." I have heard no one talking about it except him.

What Trump is doing again is diverting attention from the 3 big headlines of last week:

  • Funeral ceremony for Congressman John Lewis, which Trump refused to attend, and even scheduled a photo op for the White House (with nothing on his calendar) during the same time.

  • The national drop in Gross National Product of 33%.

  • The total death toll in America from Covid-19 of over 150,000 (in less than 6 months).

Trump said nothing about these historic headlines. Subtle as Cellophane Mr. President



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