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Swearing to Tell the Truth, So Help you God

Post # 196, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

While in office, Trump lies ranged from he didn't know about the hush payments to Stormy Daniels (under oath, his personal attorney said he did) to saying the Coronavirus was totally under control. Over 386,000 Americans have died from the deadly pandemic since 2020.

As we all know, our President's put their hand on the bible when getting sworn into office, and state they will "tell the truth, the whole truth, so help me God." To most of us, that is the greatest commitment we can make in telling the truth.

President Donald Trump is charged with being the least truthful President in America's history. It is estimated that he told 16,421 lies or mis-truths during his four years in office. That allegation is not new. Senator Mitt Romney and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned us of Trump's lack of veracity during the 2016 campaign, having worked with him prior to his election.

What is new, is after leaving office, he is still failing to tell the truth. No less than the conservative Wall Street Journal Editorial Page offered him a chance to clear the record and tell the truth on "the Big Lie"--that he won the election. Here are statements made by President Trump, and the response of the Journal in red on September 29, 2021:

Trump Lie WSJ Response

  • 71,893 mail in ballots in Pennsylvania were returned late. All these votes were "not

  • 10,515 mail in ballots in Pennsylvania did not exist. included in the vote total"

  • 120,000 voters in Pennsylvania are not accounted for. per Justice Samuel Alito.

  • 25,000 ballots were requested from nursing homes The source, Senator all at the same time. Lindsey Graham said "all these allegations can be put to rest."

The Journal points out numerous other false statements made by the former President in the Op Ed. It is sad for a person elected to such an important position having his reputation for truth reduced to the point of public ridicule. This is even more embarrassing because the response to Trump's lies are made by people who have supported some of his positions in the past.

But for a large part of his base of Republican Voters, still believing almost whatever Trump says, one has to just ask the question, "What will it take?"

The conservative and pro business Wall Street Journal says it will take more than Trump's word.



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