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Post # 282, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

He banned books about slavery. His Administration said African Americans should be thankful for the benefits of slavery. When questioned, DeSantis said he did not say that, but understood why they did. Come on Governor, not this time.

Ron DeSantis is much like a Chameleon. He changes colors depending on how the political winds are blowing.

He originally was a strong advocate of immunization for treating Covid. He said Florida's large elderly population required a robust program of protection. He then saw a political opportunity for abandoning the shots and launched a "freedom" campaign against them. He fired the State Medical Staff advocating the shots and brought in an unknown Doctor who said the shots were not necessary. Mysteriously, many of the medical records on Florida's Covid Treatment program went missing. He fired the people handling the records. As previously pointed out, Florida then led the nation in Covid deaths per capita. But, there is more about the Chameleon.

He then saw the right-wing support for abandoning diversity efforts and civil rights support, ala Donald Trump. Among DeSantis's actions in Florida:

  • He asked the legislature for laws to oppose "WOKE," reversing racial discrimination policing.

  • He abandoned Florida's DEI program, addressing progress with diversification, equity, and inclusion in Florida.

  • He announced his opposition to Critical Race Theory.

  • He banned school books on race and fired locally elected school board members supporting civil rights teaching.

In announcing his campaign for President, he used these "achievements" as to why he would be a great President. It was rather obvious that he was trying to copy Trump's actions to draw on his support. It was going to be difficult to copy Trump while attacking him. But, Trump responded by attacking DeSantis and was followed by another candidate for the Republican nomination Governor Chris Christie, saying that DeSantis's declaring a policy, but then denying it when criticized was not leadership. DeSantis was spinning into a free fall as his investors saw blood in the water.

DeSantis is not a natural politician, he is smart, but tough. After Trump's debacle as President, most Americans seem to seek a warm and gregarious personality.

I cannot remember DeSantis ever telling a joke. He copied Trump's policies but should have copied his panache with the press. He ignores the press he doesn't like.

Other than a nice family, there is not much else that DeSantis offers the public in his campaign. Other than now, lies.

In my opinon DeSantis is done. Since he cannot run for re-election as Governor, he probably has no future in politics. He tried the impossible-- copying Trump while running against him.


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