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The 2020 Presidential Election Is Settled According To Wall Street Journal, Owner of FOX News

Post # 206, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

"WILL's document stands as the best summary to date of the 2020 election; not secure, but not stolen, with suburban Republican splitting tickets to defeat Mr. Trump.

The Wall Street Journal, January 26, 2022

According to the conservative Wall Street Journal (owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns the political right leaning Fox News), the gold standard for judging the 2020 Presidential Election is the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty ("WILL"). WILL conducted a comprehensive 136 page review of the Election and concluded there was "no evidence of widespread voter fraud."

WILL noted that former President Donald Trump began raising questions about the fairness of the election voting when he first saw the early polls suggesting the probable election of former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden. The Wall Street Journal lead Opinion Editorial implied that the whole uprising by the Trump base about the election was crafted and directed by Trump himself. Current evidence suggests that Trump's personal lawyer, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was tasked with substituting 'alternate electors' to step forward after the votes were cast and announced. The team of lawyers that Giuliani assembled to carry out this sedition against our government have confirmed the actions. Even for skeptics, this third party confirmation of the election is settled, once and for all.

But wait, there is more...

Now the Justice Department and the January 6th Bi-Partisan U.S. House Committee, with subpoena power, is now digging into Giuliani's deliberate and planned work to overthrow the election for Trump. The efforts are focused on primarily 4 states, among others:

  • Georgia: In this state, the whole world heard our President ask the Secretary of State to alter the election to win by one vote. A grand jury is investigating this allegation now. Sixteen Trump supporters falsified documents saying they were electors. They were not and are now legally exposed, according to many lawyers.

  • Michigan: An unknown number of Trump supporters were caught submitting forged documents violating the vote of the people.

  • Arizona: Eleven Trump supporters were caught submitting forged documents violating the vote of the people.

  • Pennsylvania: Twenty Trump supporters submitted forged documents violating the vote of the people. Records show state officials trying to mollify or ignore Trump and his people's request to alter records, without changing any election results.

Most legal observers indicate that, in addition to the obvious exposure described above in these four states, the greatest danger of legal action against Trump, his family, business associates, and his closest supporters probably rests within two states--the Georgia Grand Jury and the New York Attorney General.

Let's move the discussion now to Ukraine.


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