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The Biden Dirt

Post #92 , Bob McKnight's Florida Political Commentary

Like most Americans, I watched key parts of the House Impeachment Testimony. Based on that testimony, I have come to the conclusions below on the "Biden Dirt," based on the following:

  • Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter, had a seat on the Board of Directors of Bursuma, a Ukraine Company involved in the exploration and production of natural gas. It appears that Biden had no relevant experience to bring to the Board. The U.S. government said it checked Biden's involvement and found no wrong doing, but the appointment had the appearance of a conflict of interest for the Biden family.

  • President Trump's objective with U.S.-Ukraine relations was to obtain dirt from Ukraine on former Vice President Biden and his son for the 2020 election. Trump repeated Putin's assertion that Ukraine worked against him in the 2006 election, without any proof. Trump wanted the new President of Ukraine to announce the investigation of Biden publicly on television. If that happened, Trump would release the previously appropriated (by Congress) military aid to Ukraine. The two code terms for Biden dirt were research on the 2016 election and the Ukraine company, Burisma, described above.

  • Former Mayor Giuliani (Trump's personal lawyer) understood Trump's objective about the Bidens and the code words, and carried out communicating it to Ukraine.

  • All the testimony from Trump's staff in the hearings cited Burisma, but never publicly connected that company to investigating dirt on the Bidens, of which it appeared to be a direct part.


1. The Quid Pro Quo of bribery was directed at Ukraine from Trump, through Giuliani.

2. U.S. financial aid was tied by Trump to a Ukraine announcement of investigation of 2016 election and Burisma, seeking dirt on Biden.

3. It is illegal for foreign governments to influence a U.S. election. Giuliani communicated everything to Ukraine, including encouraging their involvement in our election, for Trump.

4. The Vice President, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and acting Chief of Staff were all implicated in the illegal scheme.

5. Putin secured Trump's support of attacking Ukraine by blocking the U.S. funding for military aid. Trump benefited by linking the aid to his 2020 campaign. Both acts are illegal.

6. As previously stated, former Vice President Biden knowingly committed the appearance of a conflict of interest by allowing his son to serve on the Bursima Board of Directors.


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