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The COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Post # 112, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Our country is deeply divided over our political leadership. Even with a world wide Epidemic like Covid-19, we remain at each other's throats over the Presidency in America. I have opined, and no surprise, find fault among the Republicans, Democrats and even the press. But allow me some editorial freedom to declare a truce and urge consensus around a plan to get us through this crisis. This plan is an attempt to recognize criticism and address solutions. Here is the Recovery Plan for Covid-19.

1. The states will decide on their respective recovery plans, led by the US Governors Chairman Larry Hogan (R., Maryland) and Vice Chairman Andrew Cuomo (D., New York).

2. All stimulus checks from the U.S. Government will have President Donald Trump's signature affixed on them.

3. The Federal Government should be responsible for all disease testing and analysis: including maintaining and distributing supplies of testing kits.

4. The Federal Covid Task Force Press Conferences will be Moderated by Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx.

5. All the press attending COVID-19 public meetings will be recognized to ask 2 questions each, going in alphabetical order.

6. Metrics of cases, deaths, equipment and other pertinent data will be released in written form at every public meeting of the Federal Covid Task Force.

7. There will be a truce on any attacks on political figures until the election campaign starts in September, and all efforts will be to help the country recover. Twitter will be voluntarily turned off.

8. A Tracking Data Plan, including among minority communities, will be developed and released by the CDC, with full state participation required.

9. A COVID-19 Hall of Fame will be announced by the Red Cross of generous Americans making voluntary donations.



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