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The Covid Military Chain of Command

Post # 230, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

The issue is not your health. It is the health of 1.2 million soldiers around you that will be fighting for you.

Full disclosure: I served as an officer in the U.S. Army for two years through my college R.O.T.C. program. I understand the military chain of command, and the importance of strict discipline, especially during combat. I served in Korea during the U.S. Pueblo ship and command seizure by the North Koreans. We were on War Alert.

I read recently that more than 24,000 members of our military have submitted religious accommodation requests to not be immunized for Covid-19. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had ordered all military be immunized for their protection and maybe more importantly for all of those fellow military members with which they make contact.

During the peak of the infections, it became evident that many in our country objected to the immunization because they said it created a loss of their freedom of choice. Apparently that same reasoning applies to at least some of these 24,000 members of the military. Other objectors say they have already had Covid, and they believe that 'herd effect' would render immunization necessary. Lastly, some objectors say the Army personnel are fit and not in need of the vaccine.

I personally believe all of the excuses outlined in the paragraph above render their objections unfounded and are frankly insubordination. This is the United States Military which has the singular responsibility to be there to protect our citizens at all times. Covid-19 is the world's worst and most contagious pandemic ever, which is re-appearing all over the world, even today. The fact that some politicians opine differently than the medical staff of our military or our National Center for Disease Control does not mean anything to me.

Just as with Trump's logic, the issue is not you contracting Covid, it is your lack of authority to spread it to those around you. It is not the 24,000 members of the military, but the 1.2 million other members. For those in the military who disagree, you previously agreed to comply with any and all orders from your superiors in rank, even if you disagreed with the orders. Assuming your sincerity on this issue, this is just an order from above that you agreed to obey. You are in violation of your oath of office, which is grounds for discharge from the military. Secretary Austin would rather not have to depend on you in war, so he is in the process of removing you from serving your country in harms' way.

A little order for a change.


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