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The Democrat's Hope in Florida

Post # 329, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Scott's Lies Are Coming Home to Roost.

Former Florida Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel Powell is the best chance the Democrats have of returning to power in Florida. She is an exciting candidate, was an effective member of Congress for Florida, and is running against a largely unpopular Republican.

That is the word in Washington and in many Democratic circles around the country. Mucarsel Powell is lined up against the Junior Republican Senator Rick Scott who has never won an election by more than a couple of percentage points. Scott never lived in Florida before moving to the Sunshine State only a few years ago. He won election as Governor and Senator by pouring millions of his own personal fortune into his elections. It should be pointed out that Scott achieved his massive wealth largely on the back of his management of the largest for-profit hospital chain in America. That same hospital chain was charged by the Federal Government with the worst fraud case ever filed against the Federal Government Medicare program. The hospital chain paid for the crime and fired Scott.

Mucarsel Powell has pointed out that Scott's credibility problems go beyond his finance charges. He has been called a hypocrite on the following issues.

  • He says he supports public education but substituted record amounts of money for private schools at the expense of public education.

  • He says he supports the environment but has authorized the pollution of Lake Okeechobee by his big donor polluters.

  • He says he supports the elderly but has proposed attacking the Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid funding for the elderly.

  • He says he supports freedom from government intrusion but denies woman the right to control their own bodies.

  • He says he favors IVF methods for families to have children and then votes against that right.

Rick Scott is wrong for Florida and always has been. The former Congresswoman has solid positions in opposition to Scott's positions on each of these issues.

This is the best chance for Democrats to return to power in Florida. Former Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel Powell could be the ticket for the Democrats.



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