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The Election Rides on This

Post # 308, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Four states, the economy, abortion, wars, and possible convictions or ballot removal will probably decide the most important election in the history of America.

The election is still 10 months away. By most previous elections, that is too long a time frame to make any predictions on the General Election for President. But it appears that the 2024 Election is essentially decided--if Donald Trump is not removed from the ballot by the pending 91 felony charges against him, the race will be a re-run of the 2020 election--Biden versus Trump. As previously mentioned, any third-party votes will only take away from the 2 main candidates, but it is impossible to predict those candidates and their results.

So, with 10 months to go, let's look at what we know:

Current Predicted Electoral Votes: 270 Needed to Win

235 Votes GOP Have

35 Votes GOP Need

226 Votes Dem Have

44 Votes Dem Need

77 Key Swing Votes (6 states)

States: NV 6, AZ 11, Pa 19, Ga. 16, WI 10, MI 15 (any 4 will probably determine the winner)

Decisive Issues:

1. Economy

2. Trump Conviction or Removal from Ballot.

3. Abortion

4. War

5. Proven Lies

This is all the information you need to know to evaluate the election unless something unknown surfaces. My prediction is that Biden will win again, narrowly.


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