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"The Medium is the Message."

Post # 312, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

What could Artificial Intelligence do to our Elections?

In the 60's, a well-known Canadian philosopher articulated a profound argument--that in presentations, the message was not as important as the presentation of the message. Or said a different way, "The Medium is the Message." The philosopher was Dr. Marshall McLuhan. He brought back the thought of President Joe Biden today.

In looking at President Biden's anemic poll numbers, McLuhan's theory certainly seems correct. Biden's presentations look tepid because:

  • He walks with baby steps rather than a robust gate.

  • He squints when looking into a camera.

  • He often pauses for long periods of time when making a presentation.

  • As a kid, he had a severe stutter, that may lurk in his memory.

  • He often confuses names and places.

  • He speaks softly almost to the point of not being heard.

As a result, when President Biden talks about the great economy, the brave fighting of the Ukrainians, or the tricky maneuvers between Israel and Hamas, his important messages come across as tepid. tentative, and confused. Some would argue that the public bases their reaction on his presentation, not the content. Conversely, Biden's opponent Donald Trump is a motivating and dynamic speaker. He is a born salesman. But his messages are largely lies and falsehoods. Former President Ronald Regan did not lie, but as a former actor he knew how to make powerful presentations, like "Tear down that wall Mr. Gorbachev." Joe Biden could not have made that presentation in East Germany in 1987.

Most political observers, even some of Biden's critics feel his appointments, decisions, and behavior have been commendable and deserving of service as President. The question is can his presentation be improved so that he will be given credit for his record? The answer may be Artificial Intelligence or "AI".

AI might incorporate programmed presentations made with a robust Biden voice. It might include contemporary graphics and visual programming to modernize his presentations. Perhaps the introduction of Artificial Intelligence could bridge the gap between the issue being presented and the actual presentation.

Critics would suggest that the Administration is committing fraud to alter and manipulate the President's real condition. That could be addressed by full disclosure and transparency. The same AI technology could be used in presenting policies and issues to America's allies and enemies. It is a technology that could be used to advance peaceful purposes. It is a technology that will soon be regulated, according to most press accounts.

Is it time to look at AI as a part of our our day to day communication and the protection of our the election of our President?



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