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The Most Powerful Person in America

Post # 106, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Make no mistake. The reputation of politicians has deteriorated over the years--badly. Distrust, dishonesty, scandals and just behaving badly have left us without confidence in our elected representatives.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons, the endorsement of a long time member of Congress of one of the candidates for President last week was so extraordinary. The endorsement was powerful in one state, and 2 days later was felt in 11 more states.

Yes, I am talking about the House Majority Leader Jim Clyburn's (D., South Carolina) endorsement of former Vice President Joe Biden's bid for the Democratic nomination. At the time of the endorsement Biden was campaigning on fumes, destined for the heap pile. Clyburn, an African American, said Biden knew his constituents in South Carolina, like none of the other candidates. As Chef Emril Laggase would say, "Bam." Biden won South Carolina going away and proceeded on to Super Tuesday to win Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas Tennessee, Virginia, Maine, Massachusetts, and a critical second in California. With one endorsement Biden went from extinction to the probable nominee in three days. .

Today, Biden is poised to capture the Democratic nomination with the momentum few can ever achieve. Thanks to the most powerful man in America, Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina.


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