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The Rising Conservative Movement

Post # 242, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

If the Independents feel they lose on the economy, jobs, stock market and inflation with Biden and the Democrats, Caveat Emptor.

With the mid-term elections fast approaching, there is a discernible conservative political movement in the World. Consider:

  • In France, Marine Le Pen received 41.5% of the popular vote in her April presidential runoff with Emanuel Macron, up from 33.9% in 2012.

  • Sweden Democrats, once a fringe anti-immigrant party, received 20.5% of the vote and became the largest party in the new center-right majority.

  • Brothers of Italy an out growth from WWII of the Italian Social Movement of Fascists won 26.3% of the vote to become the largest political party.

  • England has a new Prime Minister, Liz Truss of the Conservative Party, a strong contrast to flamboyant Moderate Boris Johnson.

  • In America, the Republicans have their best chance in years to re-take the Senate and/or House in the Mid-Term elections. If that happened, it would force a sharp turn right in public policy.

The obvious question is what is driving this conservative movement.? First, it is common for the political pendulum to swing back and forth between the conservatives and liberals, and many are hungry now for a populist direction based on individual responsibility. In America, President Biden's unpopular decision to waive re-payment of millions of college loans is typical of what is driving a mood of change in the United States. The rate of inflation and the cost of staples like gasoline are felt world wide and it creates a dinner table, bread and butter issue for the conservatives. Unemployment is at world wide low levels and neither the European Union nor the Biden Administration has responded adequately. Immigration, especially illegal, is another driving force behind the non or under employed throughout Europe and America.

Abortion has given the liberals a bump up, but the professionals say the economy, jobs, stock market and inflation say are the voter glue on election day. The war in Ukraine does not seem to play in our election mid-terms.

So the message is out there for the Democratic moderate policy makers to study the right and left hard, but quickly. Move aggressive to create a solution that the voter truly believes will work. And then announce it creatively with targets on the many conservatives that are vulnerable.

If not, caveat emptor.


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