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The Russian Deal

Post # 278, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Russia is vicious and unpredictable. Here is what may happen.

Russians are known as tough fighters. They are given much of the credit for the Allies' final victory over Germany in World War II. Current President Vladimir Putin, a former head of the KGB, is particularly vicious and unpredictable. His unprovoked attack against its' neighboring democratic country of Ukraine has included bombing hospitals, schools and utilities of fellow Russians. He did the same in conquering neighboring Georgia.

So when Private Mercenary Contractor Yevgeny Prigozhin, a former Chef for Putin, reversed his military targets in Ukraine and aimed at the Russian Army in Moscow, the national press saw a "mutiny in the making." Shortly after aiming at Moscow, Prigozhin announced he was again reversing course and now standing down his relentless "Wagner" Troops and retiring to neighboring Belarus. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, a Putin ally, confirmed Prigozhin's planned relocation to Belarus.

At the time of this writing, only rumors are circulating and facts remain unknown. I have had some luck in forecasting, as I predicted on ABC Television, the shooting of Osama Bin Laden, so too I am now forecasting the following in Russia:

  1. In the international press, Putin is beginning to lose the war in Ukraine.

  2. This year is when Ukraine will have and be trained on the most advanced weapons and aircraft from the West.

  3. Putin does not have the resources to arm his military with loyal and battle-tested troops.

  4. Having used Wagner's mercenaries to wage the Russian war in Syria, Africa, and Russia, his military leaders are not battle-proven nor completely loyal.

  5. Putin's objective is to command control of the Wagner troops, so he has come up with a plan to wrestle control of Wagner and place them us his military command.

  6. Money is no object, so Putin has layered his close friend, Lukashenko millions to lure Prigozhin to Belarus. After the press dies down, Putin will eliminate Prigozhin.

  7. The surprise may be that Lukashenko, Prigozhin, and the Russian Military will team up to remove Putin and replace him with a leader acceptable to the group. The CIA and Western intelligence operations will help make the coup happen.

  8. All of this will happen this year.

You heard it here first. Putin will be gone.



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