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The Scary Nukes in Ukraine

Post # 215, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Putin's Military Advisors Said that Ukraine Would Surrender Immediately and NATO Would Never Unite. His Advisors Were a Team of One--Putin, and He Was Wrong on Both Counts.

Russian President Vladimir Putin felt he could use nuclear technology to steal freedom from his proud neighbor Ukraine. We know he has a massive arsenal of bombs, that can be launched by land, in the air, or in the sea.

Earlier this month, he made a predawn attack on Europe's largest nuclear power plant--the Zaporizhzhya plant in Enerhodar, Ukraine. There were fires from his bombs, but no reported leaks of deadly fuel.

Ukraine has a total of four active nuclear power plants, and the highly publicized decommissioned Chernobyl Power Plant. It was the site of the world's greatest release of nuclear waste in 1986, 70 miles Northwest of Kyiv. Last month, Putin seized Chernobyl to try and scare the proud patriots of Ukraine. It didn't work.

It is of interest that Russia is a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency which will protect nuclear energy devoted to peaceful purposes. Russia has now violated the United Nations Charter, the Geneva Conventions and the IAEA Statutes, all dealing with war crime like activity.

As indicated in my last post, the world is tiring very quickly of Putin and his alleged war crimes in Ukraine. Not only are every day Russians joining the fight against their Putin and their countrymen bombing Ukrainian military, civilians, schools, hospitals, and children, but now former U.S. military veterans are involved on the ground. It is fully expected that similar proud veterans will join the fight against Putin from the NATO countries and throughout Europe.

It is said that Putin's whole strategy in attacking Ukraine would work because they would surrender quickly and the U.S. and NATO would never hang together in opposing Putin. He thought he would have another Syria, especially with former President Donald Trump and FOX News broadcasting support for Putin. Not only did that strategy (which came from his team of advisers consisting of only himself) not work, just the opposite has resulted.

The proud and brave Ukrainians have not given up, but are fighting harder with more success every day. And Americans are almost as united as they were on 9/11 to stop Putin. He tried asking China for help and that pathetic plea was rejected. It is said his troops, which never liked killing their brothers and sisters in the first place, are now making sounds like desertion. The Russian people are suffering only slightly less than in Ukraine, and are beginning to ask the question, "What for? Why are we doing this?"

With a dictator who has enjoyed success in the past, the evolving debacle of Russia's attack into Ukraine may begin to prompt desperation. Let us hope that desperation does not become nuclear.



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