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The Worst Senator Ever

Post# 158, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

"I never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life." Former Republican Speaker John Boehner speaking of Ted Cruz.

There are very few things in which Democrats and Republicans agree in Washington D.C. today. There are even fewer things the 51 Democrats and the 49 Republican Senators agree upon. But there is one point of almost universal agreement, with the exception of one Republican Senator from Texas. That is that Senator Ted Cruz is the Worst Senator Ever. Consider what these people said about the Junior Senator:

  • Former Republican President Donald Trump: "Nobody in Congress likes him."

  • Former Republican President George W. Bush: "I just don't like the guy."

  • Former Republican Senator Bob Dole: "Nobody likes the guy."

  • Former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner: "I never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my like."

  • Political Commentator Ann Coulter: "Cruz is sleazy."

  • Princeton College Roommate Craig Mazin: "He is a nightmare of a human being."

You notice I did not include any Democrats, who dislike Cruz even more.

So when Cruz recently abandoned freezing and waterless Texans need for help from all their elected officials, where was Cruz? In sunny and mild Cancun, Mexico. With his family. When confronted about the embarrassing and selfish action during a crisis, Cruz cowardly blamed his daughter. He then said it was going to be a working trip, until his wife disclosed that Cruz had invited friends from Texas to join them on the social vacation trip. Upon further investigation, it turns out Cruz invited one of his old college chums' family to join the fun. Few Senators can challenge former President Donald Trump on speaking mis-truths, but clearly Ted Cruz is a worthy match.

Curz won his election to the Senate in 2012 as part of the raucous Tea Party movement, and after getting elected immediately started practicing his deceit, telling mis-truths, self interest, and greed to fall to the bottom of popularity in all of the Senate. Speaking of Trump, Cruz attacked him when running against him in the 2016 Primary, then sang his praises after Trump became President, without admitting any embarrassment. Not to be outdone, Cruz led the fight to vote on the record that the 2020 Presidential vote should be cancelled, because Cruz and 37 Republican Senators thought it was unconstitutional for Americans to have a fair vote for President.

What a guy. Ted Cruz--the worst Senator ever.



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