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This Covid is On You Governor

Post # 225, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Governor DeSantis is responsible for the greatest percentage of Covid cases and deaths compared to the 10 largest states.

After bragging about rejecting the Government Approved Covid Vaccine for Young Children, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis realized he was the only governor to do so and changed his mind. This was the waiting list for states to obtain a possible life saving vaccine for the very youngest children. Florida parents were shocked that the governor was not looking out for the safety and well being of their young children. So, unfortunately for the governor, any deaths of these children could come at the cost of not being on the waiting list in time. DeSantis is known to have blocked other CDC data on Covid cases reported in Florida as well as deaths, so the press will watch Florida very closely.

If you add Florida's dismal Covid vaccine record to that of the children above, Governor DeSantis is moving toward a question about his (and his hand picked surgeon general) decisions affecting the health and well being of Floridians. Here is the national data on Covid for the 10 largest states as of today:

Population Cases Deaths

USA 329.5 Million 8.60 Million 1.01 Million

California 39.6 9.16 90,918

Texas 29.7 6.96 86,939

Florida 21.9 6.33 (28.9%) 75,087 (3.42%)

New York 19.2 5,49 69,152

Pennsylvania 12.8 2.97 45,552

Illinois 12.5 3.31 38,161

Ohio 11.7 2.81 38,657

Georgia 10.8 2.02 38,360

North Carolina 10.7 2.82 25,140

Michigan 9.9 2.58 36,675

The heart of Florida's effort, during the peak of President Trump's popularity was to criticize the government effort to create the vaccine, object to safe distancing, object to wearing masks, and insist that protecting an individual freedom during a world wide pandemic was the most important pubic policy. The cases and deaths speak for themselves and Florida ranks among the very worst in the country.

But it gets worse. Under Governor DeSantis non-medical leadership, Florida ranked the worst of the 10 largest states in number of Covid cases and deaths per our population.

This Covid is on you Governor.


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