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Three Evil Acts--One Democrat, Two Republicans

Post # 111, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Democrat Tom Perez, Republicans Rick Scott and Peter Navarro all have one thing in common. They have committed evil acts in our country's fight against COVID-19. Each has set himself apart as Americans that have lost their commitment to good works in a common crisis. The irony is that all three might have some redeeming qualities, but they sure are missing during this critical time in American history. Why ?

Democratic Chairman Tom Perez. When all the world is committing to social distancing and avoiding direct contact, Perez saw an opportunity to continue voting in three (3) states--Florida, Arizona and Illinois--badly endangering Americans under the guise of patriotism. The Chairman has a long record of putting first hard ball politics at the expense of the needs and priorities of our Country. That is an act of evil and shame on him.

Florida Republican Junior Senator Rick Scott. Senator Scott has an alleged record of stealing millions from the U.S. Government through fraud of the Medicare Program, while CEO of Hospital Corporation of America. Not to be outdone with that charge, Scott was accused by none other than his Republican replacement as Governor of Florida in destroying the state's unemployment program out of vengeance. Untold thousands of Floridians are waiting for support from their state unemployment program due to the mean spirit of Rick Scott in this critical time.

Republican Trade Policy Adviser to President Trump, Peter Navarro sent repeated notices to the White House months before the start of the current COVID-19 Pandemic. As expected, the President said he saw nothing from Navarro--strange since a world wide pandemic would catch the attention of most Presidents. The New York Times has confirmed sources that Trump lied and he did see the communications. In the interest of our country, you would hope Dr. Navarro would be a good American and confirm his notice was ignored and disclose it in detail.

All of these were evil acts by Americans in an important place to make a difference for all of us..


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