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Treat Them The Same

Post # 288, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Treat them the same--for the country, not the parties.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Kentucky) had a second "freeze" moment while speaking recently. He fell and suffered a concussion, which is the cause of his latest freeze. His doctors have authorized him to continue serving as the most powerful Republican in our government. Democrats and some Republicans have called for his resignation for his own protection. He is 81 and looks very drawn, but is generally able to function with an excellent staff.

Democrats also have members vulnerable to age and other illnesses. The President is never a perfect communicator, but has been an effective leader with good staff and a favorable press. Many Republicans and a few Democrats have called for him to not run for another term. Two Democratic Senators are also vulnerable--Senator Dianne Feinstein is 90 years old and barely able to remember to vote. Freshman Senator John Fetterman is only 54 years old but is recovering from a serious stroke. He has now returned to the Capitol to work and vote but is being watched very carefully in the Capitol.

Age and illness in government are not new. I remember Arizona Democratic Senator Carl Hayden at 94 who had to be rolled into the Senate in a wheelchair to vote in the '60s. With no age or term limits our voices in Congress can serve until they are defeated or die.

A logical proposal for both parties is to serve until a bi-partisan team of physicians says they cannot understand or be effective. I think the request for a determination can be made by the leaders of both parties, for consensus. Perhaps this kind of action will prompt our leaders to work together to govern for the country, not for partisan purposes.

What are we going to do?


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