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True or False on January 6th House Committee

Post #224, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

'I do solemnly swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against sedition and insurrection against our country, so help me God.' From the U.S. Presidential Oath of Office

One aspect of January 6th, 2020, on which apparently all agree is that the attack on our Capitol is recorded on television and many public and private video cameras. So much of the work of the House Select Committee investigating the attack was to gather all the television and video footage and make sure what happened was understood. That is why so many witnesses were called and documents subpoenaed for careful review by the staff and members. Even with that straight forward fact finding, there has still been criticism of the Committee, it's makeup, it's charge and even it's necessity. So, let's compare some of the False and Truth charges about the Committee:

  1. FALSE: "It [January 6th] was just a dust up" (Pro football coach Jack Del Rio)

TRUTH: There were people killed, injured, threats of our Vice President being hung and our Capitol was attacked, seized and trashed.

2. FALSE: 'Democrats have the challenge of convincing America to tune in.' (Wall Street Journal Kim Strassel).

TRUTH: America has the freedom to tune in or not because of our government, which was almost destroyed and lost on January 6th.

3. FALSE: The Committee had pre-conceived thoughts about

January 6th and what happened.

TRUTH: The television and video footage evidence is what happened. The Committee searched why and how it happened.

4. FALSE: The Democratic Speaker rejected the Minority Leader's nominees to the Committee.

TRUTH: The Leader's nominees were among the most bellicose and violative of House Rules, so the Speaker felt she had no alternative but select Republicans that enjoyed bi-partisan credibility and integrity.

5. FALSE: It was not necessary to subpoena standing members of the House to testify.

TRUTH: Members of both parties were subpoenaed based on what they did on or knew about January 6th.

6. FALSE: It was not necessary for the Committee release their proof of lies by members of Congress and Trump Administration about January 6th.

TRUTH: The House obtained testimony and video evidence of lies by members of Congress and the Trump Administration about January 6th.

That is perjury which is a crime and is a public record.

On January 6th, thousands attacked our Capitol to reject the legal election of a new President, and a smooth transition of power. Both of those acts are provided for in our Constitution. There is now evidence that former President Donald Trump called for the attack and supported it through actions and rhetoric. He knew it was illegal and was told so repeatedly by his own staff and family. There is question that he will encourage more and similar attacks against our country, laws and Constitution in the future. I fully expect the Committee to indict him for high crimes against America. Whether he will be charged with a crime and brought to Justice will be decided by our government providing him due process, protected by the Constitution that he tried to destroy.



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