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Trump Foreign Policy--Clear on Russia, Confused on China

Post # 135, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Although some would argue that America has lost it's dominant standing in the World, there is little doubt that the other two major players are Russia and China. Under President Trump, Russia has been treated with unprecedented favor, but China has received mixed signals. This confusion has left the World unsettled with the United States' foreign policy. Consider:


  • No American response to American election meddling in 2016 and today.

  • No American response to Russia's attacks on neighboring countries Crimea and Ukraine.

  • No American response to Russia bounties on American soldiers.

  • American returns 10,000 troops from Germany leaving Russia unprecedented access in otherwise protected Europe.

  • Trump trying to get Russia re-admitted to NATO.

  • Trump has refused to implement sanctions, pass unanimously by Congress, against Russia


  • Trump has both praised and vilified the Chinese government of President Xi Jinping for the transmission of Covid-19 from its' Providence of Wuhan.

  • Although China is a major world power economically, Trump has imposed a 25% tariff on Chinese goods sold in America. He says that cost is not passed on to us?

  • Trump withdrew us from the Transpacific Partnership as punishment for China. The only problem is China was not a party to the Partnership.

  • China has cracked down on freedoms in Hong Kong. Rather than defend Hong Kong, Trump said we will no longer provide favored trade treatment to the Chinese in Hong Kong?

  • China continues to expand and militarize the South China sea, without any response from Trump.

  • Trump is ineffective dealing with China because he confuses Communist China and the Republic of China (Taiwan).

The Trump Administration Foreign Policy in Russia is clear; in China, not at all.



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