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Trump is Taking the Good Parts of Obama Care Away from the Democrats

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Former Senator Bob McKnight Talks About Obama Care

Post 76, Bob McKnight's Florida Political Commentary

Obama Care is very much like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. When introduced, President Obama abandoned securing Bi-Partisan support to simply get the law on the books. The Republicans did everything possible to vilify it as socialized medicine. But then, Pre-Conditions Excemption, a centerpiece of Obama Care, became the rallying cry for the Republicans in the 2018 election.

President Trump is quietly extracting parts of Obama Care that are attractive, especially to the voter rich elderly, and getting behind them as new initiatives. It is uncertain if they can pass (especially in the House) as substitutes to Obama Care, but it does finally give him an issue to push. Trump announced last week, that in addition to supporting Pre-Conditions Exemption, that he was going to require hospitals to disclose their contracts with providers. Consumers were elated, insurance companies shocked.

Now Trump is issuing an Executive Order to authorize the importation of less expensive drugs from countries like Canada, and that has the pharmaceutical industry on fire. While the Democrats are arguing about socialized medicine, changes 10 years from now, and racism, Trump is quietly securing the position of improving Americans' every day health care plight. There is still plenty to attack Trump over, and he keeps feeding the Democrats new volatile issues, but he may be taking the big one, health care, away from them right under their nose.

It's Obama Care Stupid.


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