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Trump Might Attack DeSantis

Post # 235, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Trump demands total loyalty but does not return it to those closest to him. That may include Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis knows that he would not have won his election without the endorsement of then President Donald Trump. The margin was less than .5%. But to the Governor's credit he was worked hard to copy Trump with the ultra conservative wing of the G.O.P. and many say he has taken over that wing of the party. If so, that will not please Donald Trump at the time of DeSantis' attempted re-election as Governor this November.

One thing is clear with Donald Trump. He does not return loyalty while he requires it without exception. We have seen Trump turn on virtually all of his major appointments--virtually all of his Cabinet selections after they leave office. He went so far as to suggest hanging until dead his Vice President. So, for Trump to tire of DeSantis growing popularity with the highest levels of the G.O.P. is not at all surprising.

Current polling shows Congressman and former Governor Charlie Crist trailing DeSantis by about 5 points for Governor. If that is the case, Crist could close that gap on DeSantis in the General Election in November. But wait, that assumes Donald Trump either endorses DeSantis or perhaps is silent. Even silence could be interrupted as a rejection. So the endorsement of Trump could again dictate DeSantis' future. If history is any indicator, I would not count on Trump loyalty to deliver the re-election for DeSantis. As a matter of fact, silence could be enough to carry Crist back into the Governor's mansion this November.

I would not be so quick to count on Trump's support Governor DeSantis. Trump loves surprises and he might just take favor with another of Florida's governors.



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