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Trump on The Disabled and Wounded Veterans.

Post # 292, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

These disrespectful acts were made against people who genuinely deserve our sympathy and prayers. They were made by a former President of the United States.

I have been both startled and depressed by how many of my real friends have discounted Donald Trump as "Well, he is a lousy person, but...". They have said, "He really is no worse than the others," or "Well, he has done some good things."

In my opinion, no he has done very few good things (like speeding the approval of COVID-19 shots). But he practices constantly among the worst traits of any human being--denigrating others, lying, cheating, stealing, and more--all done with impunity, regularity, and no remorse or contriteness. How Americans can look the other way for this behavior is beyond me. But he did two things that are unforgivable.

  1. The Disabled. In 2016, a video was released for the public, showing Trump making fun of disabled reporter, Serge Kovalesky. He has said about the disabled, "They are hard to watch."

2. Wounded Military Veterans. The Atlantic recently reported that Trump, in visiting a Cemetery in France in 2018 said about wounded American Veterans in the Cemetery, "It's filled with losers." He once added, "I don't get it. What was in it for them?" Trump even went so far as to accuse General Mark Milley of treason and said the decorated General should be subject to the death penalty. With Trump's fanatic following, that is like calling for Milley's murder.

Trump went out of his dishonestly avoid required military service.



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