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Trump's Litigation

Post # 244, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

One legal expert has said, like dominoes, if and when one Trump Suit falls, then they all fall.

Donald Trump knows about litigation from thousands of personal law suits, both as a plaintiff and defendant. He has won more than he has lost because he has spent millions of dollars on lawyers. As our former President, he is in the middle of many significant law suits now, which will soon be coming to a head. In all of his law suits, Trump says he will appeal any he loses to the Supreme Court, bragging that he will benefit from appointing 3 of the more conservative members of the Court of last recourse. Those judges say they are independent of Trump's influence and will only rule on the law. Probably the only Supreme Court Justice expected to favor Trump, no matter what, is one he did not appoint, Justice Clarence Thomas.

Here is the major litigation pending against Trump:

1. Rape Law Suit by E. Jean Carroll against Trump. Trump lost motions to block a deposition issued by Carroll and must testify under oath this month. Carroll is seeking Trump's DNA to prove the rape. Depending on the outcome of a scheduled deposition, this litigation could be heading ultimately toward a jury trial in late 2022. If this suit succeeds, there are numerous other sexual assault incidents against Trump that will then probably start moving in the courts.

2. Multi charges in Civil Law Suit by New York Attorney General against Trump and Trump organizations. Legal scholars say this litigation is especially dangerous for Trump because it is in the Civil Court, which unlike Criminal Court, is considered easier for the plaintiff. Trump employees have admitted guilt and are turning state's evidence to accelerate this suit. The charges range from fraud, money laundering to outright theft. Trump will no doubt attempt to divert and delay these suits, but it seems likely that some of them will start moving with possible trials during the first quarter of 2023.

3. Georgia Law Suits over attempts by Trump to illegally influence a national election for President. The state of Georgia tape recorded President Trump asking the Secretary of State to "find a certain number of votes for me," after the election. Trump also threatened Georgia officials if they did not help his re-election. Although this is only one state, legal experts say it is one of Trump's law suits that ]is likely to find him guilty.

4. January 6, 2020 Law Suits ranging from recorded evidence of Trump inciting and encouraging an over through of our government by insurrectionists. The evidence in these suits largely came from the U.S. House Select Committee, and appear to be flawless. Hundreds of attackers on our Capitol have either plead guilty or been found guilty of attempting an over through of a duly elected American government. There is apparently proof that Trump personally planned and direct the illegal act. If any of the other lawsuits are adjudicated against Trump, some or all of these law suits will probably quickly follow.

5. Top Secret Documents at Mar Lago. Trump has said that the records of his presidency are his personally and not the government. This is contrary to the law and tradition, but that did not deter Trump. It is widely held that he kept the top secret documents at Mar Lago in Florida, to sell and even blackmail other governments. This litigation will be from the U.S. Department of Justice against Trump and will be voluminous. Trump is finding it almost impossible to secure qualified legal representation because he refuses to follow their legal counsel in this litigation.

6. Trump Personal Tax Returns. Trump said he had not disclosed his personal income tax and financial records because he was under an IRS audit, which was proven to be a lie. Multiple law suits against Trump requiring him to comply with this requirement have continued, and now are at the end of appeals. Unless the Supreme Court intercedes, Trump will have his tax returns and financial records disclosed to the public very soon. It is expected that the mystery of Putin's hold on Trump will then be made public.

Our twice impeached former President has raised millions from his base, which he is using to fund his defense in this litigation. Those "Trumpers" probably do not know nor understand that their hard earned contributions are being used only on these law suits. Some probably don't care as long as Trump is involved.

It is hard to believe all of this is happening in America today.



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