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Trump's Loyalty to Others

Post # 290, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Cuban Americans are in America because they seek freedom. They fled Cuba and Castro to escape communism. Enrique Tarrio is a proud Cuban but with a checked past. He is a Miamian that tried his hand at a lot of different jobs, some legal and some illegal. He was even an informant for the government for a while. But when Donald Trump became President in 2016, Tarrio became almost militant in his support. He had joined the Proud Boys and wanted to make changes in Washington.

When Trump and his Lieutenants saw that they would probably lose to former Vice President Joe Biden, a plan to overthrow the election was hatched. Tarrio had moved up to the top of the Proud Boys, serving as Chairman. He was aggressive and vocal and wanted to show the President the Proud Boys could deliver. He sounded reasonably bright and articulate.

Trump knew he could count on Tarrio and the Proud Boys when he said, "Don't stand down, stand by." It was gasoline on fire. On January 6th, 2021, Tarrio directed the attack on our Capitol.

The Justice Department has prosecuted all the Proud Boys that participated in the siege of our Capitol, including Tarrio. Last week for the first time he expressed remorse for the attack, but the Judge was not buying it, giving him a 22-year sentence behind bars. Tarrio told the Judge this was not who he was, but the Judge did not believe it.

It is ironic. Enrique Tarrio is a proud Cuban who came to America to escape Castro and communism, along with thousands of Cubans. But Tarrio decided to attack our Capital to remove the freedom and turn around and support Trump and Putin's communism.


Dr. Peter Navarro was a senior economic adviser to Trump who opined on subjects outside his portfolio. He was a major advisor to the Trump administration on the "Attack on the Capitol," suggesting that state legislatures could reject the election of the voters and cast the election themselves. He referred to it as "The Green Bay Sweep," smiling to the press. In truth, he had no knowledge of the law nor the Constitution but found himself enjoying the attention of Trump and the press. When indicted Navarro said Trump told him he didn't have to testify to Congress investigating January 6th, and Navarro thought Trump would have his back.

Like so many of Trump's followers, Navarro was thrown under the bus as Trump remained silent on Presidential protection. His lawsuit to avoid prison for ignoring a Congressional Supaeona failed and he now faces prison time and a hefty fine. This unnecessary and stupid action was made by a senior economic adviser to our country. Huh?

Communist Putin and Russia are fighting against Ukraine and democracy. Democratic America is supporting Ukraine. Our Bipartisan Congress has appropriated billions to help Ukraine. Donald Trump has a special bond (or financial connections) with Putin. Trump has urged the Republicans in the House to oppose supporting Ukraine and they are now doing that. Huh?

Trump's Loyalty. Huh?

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