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Trump's Next Move?

Post # 173, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Trump is Antsy. He feels caged. He misses the attention. He wants back. Now.

What are former President Don Trump's biggest concerns now?

  • Out of the public eye.

  • Unable to influence his base.

  • Does not have the perc's of public office.

  • Needs the public sector to raise money in the private sector.

  • Cannot serve the public.

Maybe the last concern is questionable, but the other four seen valid. With these concerns, what could Trump do to remedy the situation without having to wait 3 years and a long drawn out election to win back the Presidency? He could lose the re-election bid.

Answer: Run for Congress Next Year

If he wins, he is then one of 435 members of the House of Representatives, and some would say those members are less powerful than the 100 members of Senate. So he would have to go from the most important person in 1/3 of our government and the most powerful person on the planet to .0001869 of 1/3 of our government.

It would not be easy for Trump to win a seat in Congress based on where he now calls his legal home at Mar Largo, Palm Beach, Florida. The incumbent is a popular Democratic Congresswoman Lois Frankel. She is very liberal and pulls roughly 60% of the vote against token Republicans. So that race would truly be a test, maybe as tough as the Presidency itself for Trump. Winning the 21st District in Florida would put him back in Washington. With his personality and the platform of pubic office almost all his woes described above would be solved. And, he could use his seat in Congress to begin campaigning for the Presidency just 2 years later. What could go wrong?

What if he ran and lost?


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