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Trump's Plan

Post # 285, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Trump will seek a plea deal which Biden will grant, but it will have a minimum term in prison. The country will be on lockdown during Trump's prison term. That will be the end of Trump.

Readers of my Blog and ABC Television Commentary know that I predicted the killing of Osama Bin Laden four days before it happened. No, I had no inside information. At the time I was asked by Anne Immanuel of ABC News what to expect in the 2012 election of Barack Obama? A name we had not heard for a time was Bin Laden so I mentioned it. So it was just a name that had not been mentioned for some time.

I had a similar prediction about then GOP Governor Charlie Crist dropping out of the Republican Party to run for Senate in 2010 as an Independent. It happened only days after my prediction. It occurred to me that it was the only option available for Crist, but generally unmentioned at that time.

As I look at the current race for President with Donald Trump, I conclude his only course of action is to seek a plea deal with the Justice Department after his anticipated guilty verdict from at least one of the dozen or so federal criminal charges. Here are the steps to his decision:

1. He loves the limelight of his base so he will keep on campaigning until the verdict. He will bask in telling jokes and faking confidence. He is said to be terriorized about incarceration.

2. Because he is using the campaign funds for anything he wants, he will keep the fundraising going. Of note is that he refuses to pay many of his attorneys plus those of his staff who were charged the crimes he directed them to do.

3. He will probably skip the debates because he doesn't have to attend them and the other candidates will embarrass themselves with the Trump base. He would also have to promise to support the ultimate Republican nominee, which he has said he will not do.

4. When adjudicated guilty which I believe will happen, he will fight to avoid prison at all costs so he is not seen as weak.

5. Biden will object to waiving prison time, and will insist on at least some prison time and the country will be on totallockdownn until his time in prison is complete.

6. Over time, Trump will fade from memory, although Trumpwannabes will proliferate for years.

7. I make this prediction based on Trump's personality, track record and ego, as well as those of Biden.


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