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Trump's Retribution

Post #265, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

I do not believe President Donald Trump is what he seems to be today. For example:

  • I do not believe he is a conservative.

  • I believe he is at heart a Democrat.

  • I do not believe he respects women, blacks, or any minorities.

  • I believe he favors abortion, without conditions.

  • I do not believe he supports our military.

  • I believe he is agnostic.

  • I believe he does not respect his conservative base.

  • I believe he does not respect blue-collar workers.

  • I believe he never forgives or forgets anyone.

  • I believe he hates the person he has become.

I bring all of this up at the beginning of this Blog because I believe most of my readers will question my prediction that former President Trump really does not want to be President, but rather hold the power of his campaign over all his enemies, as outlined above.

In my opinion, Donald Trump ran for President for the first, second, and third time as a cover

to generate wealth. He knew that no presidential campaign in history had ever had a convicted thief and crook as the candidate, so his bravado would be difficult to police and prosecute. When he won in 2016, by surprise, he found the stealing easy, although he is approaching being brought to justice for his corrupt service. I believe he has a number of strategies to avoid conviction and incarceration from lying, bribing, and insurrection again. His appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court were a barely veiled ultimate strategy to avoid justice. If he wins, fine in his opinion. If not, his real animal instinct of retribution will be his greatest satisfaction.

Trump has left the current Republican Party leaderless and without any apparent integrity. So, in the event they pick someone other than Trump for their Presidential nomination, Donald Trump will not support their nominee. Further, he will unload on his falsely adopted

party and delight in destroying their few remaining principles of public policy. He will not return to his true base of support described above but will focus on sinking his formerly loyal supporters, particularly among his family (other than Ivanka), the press, Congress, and the Courts. Special punishment will be reserved for Vice President Pence, Former Attorney General Barr, President Obama, FOX, NBC, and CNN News personnel, and the late evening comics. The exception from his rage might be ruthless dictators like Presidents Putin of Russia, Assad of Syria, Erdogan of Turkey, and state rights organizations. His retribution will then be complete.



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