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Trump Self Pardon

Post # 151, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

President Trump has issued Pardons for many convicted Felons. He has bragged about his single handed reversal of these previous convictions. The Pardons are legal and in keeping with our Constitution, although the process used by Trump violated previous norms of the U.S. Justice Department. He will no doubt issue Pardons for members of his family, as he has already done. The Courts will no doubt rule if they are constitutional.

The Supreme Court holds the answer of whether the President can pardon himself. The Administration's Justice Department has already ruled on August 5, 1974, that the President cannot Pardon himself. If he does Pardon himself, the issue will be decided by the Supreme Court.

The Court, of which Trump appointed three members, will have to rule if Donald Trump is the first (and only?) American above the law.

Let's get on with it then. Our Country and Constitution is on the line. Issue the Pardon of yourself Mr. President if you must, and let us test our principles of Democracy, once and for all. I personally believe in the Court of Law.

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of our laws not applying to Donald Trump, we will need to convene a Constitutional Convention to re-write the document. If the Supreme Court rules that Donald Trump cannot Pardon himself, he will be brought to Justice, by his own doing.


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