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Trump: Vote for Me or Democrats

Post # 191, Bob McKnight's Florida Blog

"Republicans will not be voting in '22 or '24. It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do."

Former President Donald Trump, 10/13/2021

I did not make that statement. Trump said it and then added emphasis on it's importance. You ask why he would recommend voting for a Democrat over a Republican in a race? It is because those are the Republicans that voted to impeach him. One could certainly argue that they were Republicans because they believed in what their party stood for and supported. Apparently they also believed Trump violated his oath of office.

To Donald Trump, the issue is not what Republicans stand for or against. It is about him and him alone. It is more important to support Trump than the Republican Party in the eyes of this head of the Republican Party. I know this statement is controversial to many of my good and loyal Republican friends. Some may think it is just not true, and that is not the position of Donald Trump. I don't know his position, but I do know he is reported to have said it. I do believe he said it, but then I do not necessarily think that Trump will stand by it. He has a rather consistent history of not standing by what he says.

Perhaps this strange irony can best be summed up by the conservative Wall Street Journal Editorial on 10/15/21:

"Mr. Trump's calculus works differently. When his ego is on the line, his voters interests are secondary. He might not like it if progressives control government and choke off American energy production or bludgeon social media companies to censor conservatives. But his priority is that GOP candidates show obeisance to his claims that he was robbed in November. And he's willing to help Democrats if Republicans refuse or even stay silent."

Vote for me, not thee.



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