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Wackos and Liars

Post # 121, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Most of us can recall President Donald Trump promising America that he would bring in the very best talent into the management of his Administration. His description of each of the 14 major appointments below was glowing. In fairness, when Advise and Consent was required by the U.S. Senate, they were confirmed, with a Republican majority. So all of us expected positive support from these people for the new Commander and Chief.

Fast forward 3 1/2 years, and all of the major appointments below have described by the same President as "Wacko and Liars," or worse. Trump is known for valuing loyalty at any cost, but why even appoint subordinates if you don't care about their opinion.

Or said more correctly by CBS Reporter Paula Reid, "Mr. President, why do you continue to hire wakos and liars?" He, of course, was insulted and ignored the question. But one must ask the question of his whole administration, who or what is doing the vetting of these people? Such grade school level background checks are really a threat to our country.

If any of the after service criticism of the President is valid or believable, the Congress--especially the non-existent Republican Senators--need to assume their proper oversight responsibility envisioned by our founders.

Major Trump Appointments Who Trump says were 'Wackos and Liars.'

Alabama Judge Roy Moore

Kansas Sec. of State Kris Kobach

Attorney Michael Cohen

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

General John Kelly

Lt. General H. L. McMaster

General James Mattis

Ambassador John Bolton

Secretary Rex Tollerton

Director Anthony Scaramucci

Secretary Kirsten Nielson

Col. Alexander Vindman

Now to close out last week, we learned that Ambassador Bolton revealed in his new book that Vice President Pence often expressed support for Bolton's views, contrary with those of the President. Will this, as I have previously speculated on the possibility, push Trump to drop Pence as his running mate. I am predicting that Pence will soon become one of Trumps former appointees that turns out to be a wacko and liar.



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