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What Could Bring Back The Democrats?

Post # 328, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

These 5 Issues Could Win Florida for Biden and the Democrats

In 2020, Florida was declared a "toss-up" state by both parties. Four years earlier, Democrat former Secretary Hillary Clinton had followed advice to campaign hard in South Florida, while Republican newcomer Donald Trump knew few in South Florida and almost no Hispanics. In his four years in office, Donald Trump realized by shifting his philosophy to the right with a few lies here and there, he could solidify the South Florida Hispanic community and therefore win the state by a modest vote. President Biden has attempted to get back the South Florida vote, but to no avail, with just over half a year to go.

So, if the Democrats try to win back votes to make Florida a toss-up again, what would it take? Here is a list:

  1. Abortion. Polls across the country show there is only one issue cutting across both parties, without exception--having the government dictate what a woman can do with her body. The Democrats have managed to get a proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution permitting abortions. Governor DeSantis not only opposes it but predicts it will easily lose. That has buoyed the Democrats with enthusiasm and money to get the vote out. This is a major win for the Democrats.

  2. War. There are two--Russia and Ukraine; and Israel and Hamas (in Gaza). Democrats appear to favor support for Ukraine while Trump Republicans feel we have spent too much already for the attacked democracy. A major breakthrough for Ukraine would be met with favor for the Democrats and somewhat silence the Trumpers. Israel has been long supported by Democrats and other than attacks on innocent Palestinians in Gaza, still does. A cease-fire by Israel or replacing Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could help the Democrats in the election.

  3. Economy. Few can argue that President Biden has steered the economy back from the brink of a depression. The only possible exception is grocery prices which skyrocketed after COVID-19. An effective communication campaign laying claim to victory for Biden could win back at least some of the Independent Florida voters. Biden won a major victory with the passage of the Infrastructure Legislation, without any Republican support. Again, Biden will need to have a comprehensive communication program to remind voters of his singular economic achievement for their benefit to help in the election.

  4. Immigration. This is perhaps the toughest issue for the Democrats to win back because of the magnitude of the crisis. The Republicans under Trump blocked a bi-partisan solution, so Biden needs to communicate this well to turn the issue. A positive result of the progressive immigration program is called "The Dreamers," and Biden can introduce it to the voters in Florida. Also if the heads of the countries releasing immigrants seeking asylum in the United States were to organize and support comprehensive solutions with President Biden, it might move voters.

  5. Diversity. The black and brown skinned Americans can swing the election by themselves if they just vote. President Biden has not only supported these communities but has led the fight against attacks on diversity in schools and government. This issue needs to be documented and branded for the public to understand it. Between Blacks and Hispanics, Florida is a prime target for restoring diversity programs.

Movement to the center on these five issues will bring the Democrats back to a competitive election in Florida. There is still time.



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