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What Happened With Epstein

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Post # 78, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

I believe Epstein's attorneys may have made financial arrangements for their client to be able to commit suicide in prison.

As some of my Blog followers are aware, I managed to call the Osama Bin Laden killing by our troops 4 days before it happened. I made the prediction on ABC TV News. It drew national attention, but it was simply a speculative prediction. I made another political call of Governor Crist switching parties to run as an Independent in 2009. Again, I had no inside knowledge, but used political logic that Crist had no other choice at the time.

I found myself doing the same type of prediction with the suicide death of Jeffrey Epstein recently. I use my political sense and then patch together that which made the most sense. Here is what I think happened with Epstein and why.

1. Epstein knew that litigation files were being released involving more big name people being culpable like Prince Andrew, former Senator George Mitchell, and former Governor Bill Richardson. These were all shocking and Epstein apparently knew even more files are coming. I believe it was when Epstein knew that more disclosures were coming that he decided to kill himself.

2. Epstein had a reported wealth of over $1/2 Billion and might be willing to spend huge amounts of money to bribe the prison staff to leave him unguarded, so he could end it all.

3. Epstein might have made arrangements to transfer money to prison staff or their representatives through his attorneys who had access to him at his jail. It is not realistic to think that such a major prisoner would be left unguarded or that the guards feel asleep. The flow of the money to the prison staff or management may not be completed for some time, maybe years from now, if it did happen.



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