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What I Think Putin Has on Trump

Former Florida Senator Bob McKnight

Post # 86, Bob McKnight's Florida Political Commentary

Everyone seems to throw their hands up and says, "What does Putin have on Trump?" It seems our President has bent over backward for our longtime enemy, the Russian President.

Consider Trump:

  • Praising Putin profusely in the 2016 campaign and now almost everyday.

  • Siding with him on attacking our long standing allies in NATO and NATO itself, Putin's opponents.

  • Fighting Congress on implementing sanctions passed against Russia.

  • Attacking the FBI and Justice Department who have uncovered dirt on Putin and Russia.

  • Holding up the funding for Ukraine, a prime Russian foe.

  • Says that Crimea, confiscated by Russia, should stay in Russia.

  • Turning against our ally, the Kurds, and helping Russia take over our position in Syria.

  • Meeting with Putin repeatedly in secret and also only with the Russian press, and no American press present--in the White House.

One critic described Trump as being Putin's puppet. Strong language for something few guessed when Trump announced his candidacy for President in 2015.

So what does Putin have on Trump, if anything?

Actually Trump's own son Eric told Golf Journalist James Dodson in 2014, "We have all the funding we need out of Russia." The amount of funding was rumored to be in the range of $100 Million, and it has been reported that part of it was Russian mob money. Trump has never released his tax returns, knowing that would disclose the extent of his financing from Russia. He came up with the idea of saying his returns were under audit, which could not be checked due to his privilege of confidentiality. That protection may soon be broken by the courts.

Trump has long had a banking relationship with Deutsche Bank, a bank known to be used by Russian criminals. It is said that is the only bank that will do business with him. Trump has only kept in the White House, supporters who will stand by him in keeping his relationship with Putin secret. His main Senate supporter, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky reportedly has a special financial relationship in Russia also, carrying the nickname of Moscow Mitch. That helps Trump keep his connection with Putin under wraps in the Congress. His base is so solid now, that with a few lies, he could probably keep most of that support, notwithstanding his apparent financial relationship with Putin, our country's main enemy.

My guess is Trump's deal with Putin might have gone something like this:

2014: Trump, near financial ruin, appealed to Putin for help on the funding described above, which Putin provided (in multiple ways).

2016: Trump having wanted to run for President anyway, decided to do so hoping to promote his brand, not thinking he could win. Putin encouraged Trump and offered help with Soviet Intelligence, additional financing, and support for building the Trump Tower in Moscow (still a hope).

2017-20: Trump maintains close contact with Putin on all financing terms, and ensures Putin's issues are all handled by Trump in private. Trump masks his blind allegiance to Putin behind his fervor for isolationism, so strongly favored by his base.

This is just speculation on my part and may not be true. But it is what I believe Putin has on President Trump.


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