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Why Corruption?

Post # 302, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Promising Rhetoric Destroyed by Corruption. Why?

For the most part, it is a great honor to be selected to work in the Federal Government. President Trump bragged that he selected only the very best to serve in his Administration. But, there are few, if any that he says anything positive about after his term in office. Almost to the person, his former staff say he is impossible to work with and I cannot imagine any of his appointments ever wanting to work for him again.

So, if it is such a great honor and the President says he selects only the best, why do all of them fail, in Trump's opinion? It is no doubt a breakdown in Trump's management and a lack of integrity in the individuals asked to serve. That is a disastrous formula for the management of our most important level of government. But why?

With four indictments issued during Trump's four-year term in the White House, at least 26 members of Trump's staff were also charged with crimes. One would ask the question why would one of the most important appointments working for the President prompt people to commit these alleged crimes? The crimes are felonies for a total of 109 charges against Trump and his staff. Here is a summary of the charges:

Indictment #1 January 6th Insurrection, 2 Felony Charges. 6 Co-Conspirtators.

Indictment #2 Classified Documents, 32 Felony Charges. 2 Co-Conspirtators.

Indictment #3 Georgia Election, 41 Felony Charges. 18 Co-Conspirators.

Indictment #4 Hush Money, 34 Felony Charges.

Looking at some of those specifically charged, they are among the most important people in Government during the Trump years:

Former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. He was a former member of Congress and the among the highest-ranking officials to the President.

Former Justice Department Attorney Jeffery Clark. President Trump said he was going to appoint him Attorney General, in spite of virtually all senior lawyers in the Attorney General's office saying they would resign if Trump had made the appointment.

Former Law School Dean and Presidential Advisor Dr. John Eastman. He was identified as the primary source behind the illegal plan for Trump to steal the election.

Admittedly, all three gentlemen and Trump may be proven innocent of their charges. But most legal observers say the evidence behind their crimes is overwhelming. So, if they are found guilty, their final professional years be spent in jail and their reputation destroyed forever. All for what?

The answer: a short period of fame. What a price to pay for one's ego.


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