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Why Does Trump Do It?

Post #94, Bob McKnight's Florida Political Commentary

I believe Donald Trump is smart. I believe he is cunning and manipulative. I believe he has very little, if any integrity. I believe he can be charming and funny. I believe he is a master at evaluating weakness, and exploiting it. I believe he is a control freak with a obsessive compulsive disorder. He has an extraordinary, but selective memory. I believe he is a coward and intentionally seldom tells the truth.

With these contrasting character strengths and flaws, I often ask myself why he does what he does. Here is my conclusion:

1. He does not know nor care to know, the law.

2. Other than obvious laws like murder or directly stealing, he does not think there are laws serious enough to apply to him, as the President.

3. He believes the fervor of his base largely insulates him from justice.

4. He believes all the federal government works exclusively for him.

5. If he feels he may have broken the law, he is confident he can beat the enforcement of the law by his intellect, position and tenacity.

6. He deeply resents as inferior everyone, including his family (with the sole exception of his daughter Ivanka and maybe her husband, Jared), his base, the Congress, the Vice President, women, minorities, and everyone who works for him.

7. He believes he is indisputably better than anyone else, and would like acknowledgement of that by others before participating in any contact. Anything less renders him disappointed if not outright angry.

With these traits, perhaps it is why he acts the way he does.


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