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Why Not Vaccinate?

Post # 178, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

"Too many people have not yet gotten vaccinated and wrongly believe the pandemic is over." Dr. Ajay Sethi, University of Wisconsin

Not much surprises me anymore. But when I saw Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell echo my sentiments on getting the free Covid-19 vaccination, I thought, "Wow, this must actually be happening."

Last week NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci said a full 99% of the current deaths from Covid 19 in the United States WERE NOT VACCINATED. Keep in mind the vaccine is free and generally available at any drug store, public health facility and on call by telephone. So the obvious question is why not get vaccinated? These might least somewhat.

  1. New concerns have arisen with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine causing serious reactions, although only reported in very small numbers.

  2. Children ages 12 and up have not been included in those authorized for the shot population until now, and that number has just been added to the metrics.

  3. It is reported that there is resistance in getting vaccinated from differing groups suspecting nefarious politics in play--from African Americans and the Ultra Conservatives.

  4. Failure to acknowledge the importance of getting vaccinated by former President Trump (especially to his base), even though he and his family were among the first to get the shots.

  5. The number of variants of Covid is growing all across the world and spreading to the United States every day. To some, that translates into, "Why get a shot. It will just be out of date tomorrow?" It is reported that the Pfizer Vaccine is effective against all of them.

  6. There is a continuing drive by the drug manufacturers to develop a booster shot for the fall, but the CDC says it is not necessary now. They emphasize the push should be to get a shot in 100% of Americans with the existing inventory of vaccine.

As a result of our low vaccine rate, states are beginning to show dramatic increases in Covid cases like:

  • Arkansas 351 % increase

  • Missouri 339%

  • Oklahoma 184%

  • California 129%

  • Louisiana 118%

  • Nevada 101%

  • Florida 97%

Even though Florida was 7th in per cent increase, we had the largest number of new cases over the past 6 weeks--23,747. As Yogi Berri said, "It ain't over till its' over."

As Dr. Ajay Sethi of the University of Wisconsin said, "Too many people have not yet gotten vaccinated and wrongly believe that the pandemic is over." It is not over.



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