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DeSantis Freedom in Florida?

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Post # 268, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

Much of DeSantis's mean-spirited agenda is attributable to him being a cunning and clever observer of vulnerable people with a very frightened ethos.

I have said many times that when a candidate is running for office, especially if it is the first time, we the public should insist the candidate tells us for which they stand. It is the same as we experience every day in transactions, "If you help me, here is what I will do for you." In the case of our Governor in Florida, Ron DeSantis he is very up front to tell us what will get if we support him for President (as he cannot run for election again as Governor)

Here are at least 20 planks of his published agenda--does it meet with your approval?:

  • He opposes what he calls "WOKE" politics which he says is an alert to reverse racial prejudice and discrimination against whites.

  • He is opposed to the public policy of diversification, equity, and inclusion, particularly in public schools.

  • He is opposed to critical race theory, intersectionality, feminist issues, and gender policies.

  • He opposes local school boards determining school curriculum, books, hires and fires, and policy if they are contrary to local parents' opinion.

  • He favors replacing elected and locally appointed public administrators without due process.

  • He opposes teaching about black slavery and elements of the Civil War.

  • He opposes Common Core which is a minimum standard of school achievement created by school administrators when opposed by some parents.

  • He is opposed to immigration and supports public funds to transport the removal, temporary lodging, and feeding of them.

  • He is opposed to tenure for teachers in public education.

  • He is opposed to abortion; and government medical advice/treatment for preventing public health diseases like Covid-19.

  • He favors transferring public education funds through vouchers to private and parochial schools, many of which will not agree to inspection, regulation, or conflicts of interest testing.

  • In spite of bi-partisan Congressional support for our democratic ally Ukraine, he opposes that support, arguing they are in an "internal feud with Russia," our declared enemy.

  • He prohibits the mention of individual sexual preferences or certain lifestyles in public schools.

  • He wants to restrict lawsuits.

  • He wants to make it easier to sue the press for damages and libel.

  • He wants to remove Florida's heralded law on public sunshine of government.

  • In spite of using public funding, he wants all his travel records kept secret.

  • He wants to further expand his private army, without third-party audits.

  • He wants to restrict all Florida assets only to Floridians.

  • He favors carrying weapons without permits.

  • While a member of Congress he expressed support and voted to deny or withhold Social Security and Medicare to our elderly (really).

If you do not favor some or all of these positions, I urge you to research them in great detail. Discuss them with people you respect, so you are sure about details, facts, and figures. Then you should frame questions for Governor DeSantis and his supporters. Depending on their response, you should lay out the subjects with your response to share with your friends. Always be open to change just as they should also be open to change.

Then as I said in an earlier post, get involved in the campaign advancing your positions. Then vote. The decision is in your hands alone, but you can influence many more votes of your friend if demonstrate due diligence on the election.


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