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Your Father's Republican Party

Post # 286, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

The Republicans have an impressive presidential candidate who is as conservative as they come but with respect and civility for his competitors. He doesn't stand a chance.

Asa Hutchinson just completed two terms as Governor of Arkansas. He previously served in Congress representing the 3rd district in Arkansas. He is not to be confused with his brother, Tim who also served in the Congress from Arkansas. By previous standards, Governor Hutchinson would be a solid candidate for President on the Republican Ticket today.

But not anymore--after 2016 the conservative Republican Party got hijacked by Donald Trump. Gone were the freedom-loving, pro-free enterprise, pro-military, and anti-crime patriots of the Republican Party. With Trump came support for Russia, opposition to NATO, anti-military, anti-crime fighting, and with a surly attitude. But most of all, Trump clearly lacked civility and respect for others. The Republicans in Congress at first objected but then found there was an appetite in America for bullies, that we did not know existed. It was not clear if the new belligerence was started by the anti press and liberals movement, or just pent-up vile toward the system. But with few exceptions like Hutchinson, Republican narratives became the bottom feeders of American Politics.

As of this writing, Hutchinson is teetering on low teens in the polls but appears to be determined to stay the course as a principled and respectful candidate. The election results may have surprises, but it is not likely to include Asa Hutchinson. It appears that today's Republican Party, as in the words of Republican Senator George Aiken of Vermont, "needs to be destroyed to save it."

If it does, look for Asa Hutchinson to be a star in the new Republican Party.


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