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Day 1 Flips

In a Post at the very start of the 2016 Presidential Campaign I wondered if Donald Trump might have been a plant by the Democrats to foil the growing Republican field for his long time friend, Democratic Secretary Hillary Clinton. After all, Trump and Clinton reportedly shared positions on many social and international issues, from abortion to free trade. Trump had a disdain for GOP favorite Governor Jeb Bush and really didn't seem to like either of the other major favorites, Senator Ted Cruz (R., TX) or Ohio Governor John Kasich. A stalking horse role for Trump made sense to me. I had no idea that Trump's driving interest during the campaign was apparently meeting the concerns of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

My speculation went out the window when Donald Trump started winning the Republican primaries. Then his positions also began reversing to meet the pent up demands of the Alt Right--Pro Life, Pro Gun, Anti-Immigration, Anti-Obama Care, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Generals, Anti-NATO, Anti-NAFTA, Anti-Free Trade and Anti-Elite Wall Street and Media. But most of all, Trump went strongly Anti-Clinton, suggesting that one of his first acts as President would be to incarcerate her. Red America was then euphoric about Trump. Then Putin released the Wiki Leaks on secret Clinton conversations and the die was cast. It was a brilliant strategy and worked.

As Robert Redford said in the movie, The Candidate on election night, "Now What Do We Do?" The answer on Day 1 for President Trump is to carry out his campaign promises...and flip on others:

Kept Promises:

  • Appoint loyal and trusted friends to Cabinet and other important positions, most with very little relevant experience. Democrats will be hard to find. Confirmations by the Senate will be dramatic.

  • Nominate Pro Life and Pro Gun Judges. Again, Senate confirmations will be dramatic.

  • Steer clear of any Russian President Putin's hard and fast positions to avoid conflicts.

  • Develop high profile events with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, to counter rumors of anti-Semitic actions by Trump supporters.

Promises Flip:

  • Propose a border wall, that neither Mexico nor Congress will fund, and the Courts will block.

  • Propose registration and deportation of immigrants that Congress will not fund and the Courts will block.

  • Propose a fancy name for Obama Care that will become a non-replacement for health care. A Blue Ribbon Commission will then be appointed to study the issue.

  • Propose cancelling 'weak USA' international agreements. Vice President Pence will be asked to Chair a Task Force with Congressional Leaders to make comprehensive recommendations on International Trade, including NATO, TPP, NAFTA and Free Trade.

  • There will be no Special Prosecutor for Former Secretary Clinton, and Trump will try to appease the media by giving her a Presidential Medal for Service to our Country.


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