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Presidential Models

Updated: May 17

Post # 323, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

This is a Re-send of this Post due to Internet being down.

It is very common today to hear Americans say, can't we find a better candidate? That is true with both Republicans and Democrats. Even if a person is identified, then the question is how can they get elected with the control of the candidates in the hands of the two political parties. A candidate can run on the ticket of a third party, but the chances of that candidate getting on enough state ballots is remote.

What If we approached the candidate selection solely on the basis of an individual first? What if we identified individuals who could be role models for president of the United States? Here are some of my model presidents, in no particular order:

Democrats: Florida Governor Reuben Askew

Georgia Senator Sam Nunn

Massachusetts Speaker Tip O'Neill

Washington Senator Scoop Jackson

Montana Senator Mike Mansfield

Florida Congressman Dante Fascell

Indiana Congressman Lee Hamilton

Florida Governor Bob Graham

Washington Speaker Tom Foley

West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller

Virginia Governor Doug Wilder

Colorado Congresswoman Pat Schroeder

Republicans: Indiana Senator Richard Lugar

Secretary of State Richard Baker

Tennessee Senator Howard Baker

California Congressman Peter McCloskey

Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen

New York Senator Jacob Javits

New York Mayor John Lindsey

New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller

Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith

Massachusetts Senator Edward Brooke

Illinois Senator Charles Percy

California Governor Pete Wilson

This list is incomplete but is reflective of the qualities needed in a president, which should be:

  • Integrity

  • Intelligence

  • Stability

  • Judgment

  • Tenacity

  • Deliberate

  • Accessible

  • Contrarian

  • Sense of Humor


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