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Trump Could Get Off

Post # 281, Bob McKnight's Florida Commentary

This is a rare case where too much litigation against Trump could increase his chances of getting off.

Donald Trump is very familiar with litigation. He, his businesses, and his family have been sued probably more than almost any public figure. The lawsuits have been serious and well-handled by prosecutors. But Trump has learned a great deal from them--how to use the vaulted principles of our legal system to his advantage. He has spent millions helping elect or get appointed judges prone to accept the arcane arguments of his innocence. In the few cases in which he has been found guilty, he continues to file appeals or additional delay motions. In a few cases, he has actually paid his victims, but then turns around and commits the crime again, which only intimidates his original accusers.

His current litigation is piling up to form what may be the best defense of all--he needs more time to prepare for all of them. Time to prepare for the defense of a person presumed innocent is the centerpiece of our judicial system. If he can delay his suits until the election in 2024 and is re-elected President, he can then pardon himself, and he is off the hook.

How can that happen and he still enjoys the favor of the Republican Party? It is a reflection of what has happened to the Republican Party. It is a wake-up call to the judicial system on handling potential multi-crime litigation. It would not surprise me if a call for a review of our Constitution is made to review how the more crimes alleged, the less chance a defendant can be found guilty. The reverse of that, the fewer crimes, the more likely guilt. That can't be right.

At this writing, it does not appear Donald Trump can win re-election. But it did not seem he could win in 2016. If he does not, in all probability, he will be found guilty and sent to prison probably for the rest of his life. But, if he does win, and that is a very real possibility, upon taking office, you can expect his alleged crimes to start over again.

Did this irony just happen or did Trump plan it? It probably happened because of the million-dollar legal talent Trump has retained over the years. In addition to the Republican Party urging Trump's behavior, his lawyers are helping perpetuate the alleged crimes by finding loopholes in the law. Unless the law is amended or changed, everything Trump is doing is legal despite his indictments and guilty verdicts. He may even be indicted more times and found guilty. But if that does not happen before the next election, and he wins, he will go Scott-free. Hard to believe in America, huh?



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