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Trump will see Puerto Rico Again

There are about 1 million citizens in Florida from Puerto Rico, many most recently moving into the I-4 Corridor of Orlando and surrounding areas. The majority are said to be registered to vote Democratic. Last year, the Puerto Rico residents in Florida elected their own member of Congress as a Democrat. That seat was held by a Republican for many years. The population of Puerto Rico today is approximately 3.5 million.

Political consultants are already buzzing about what happens if the relief effort in Puerto Rico from the killer Hurricane Maria, takes years, as predicted. It is highly likely that the "comfortable" relocation destination will be Central Florida. Add to that since many will already be U. S. Citizens, their conversion of residency for voting will be easy.

Numbers are purely speculation, but let's assume just 10% relocate to Central Florida. That would be approximately 300,00 new Democratic voters to go along with the approximate 1 million already here. That could result in 2 or maybe even 3 new seats in Congress being rotated from Republicans to Democrats. A million new residents is probably more realistic.

But more important is the influx on the electoral college. Florida is the third largest state, with 29 crown jewel votes that went for Trump last year, and before that for Obama twice. Registration today is about even. There will be two mega races in Florida in 2018--a U. S. Senate Seat and the Governor's Office. The impact in the Legislature may be the most immediate, with more moderate issues and additional Spanish speaking voices.

Watch for the Republicans to greatly accelerate the relief efforts in Puerto Rico, since they can count. They prefer the numbers pretty much as they are. They also understand cause and effect--this disaster may help the Democrats. Ironic that Trump tries to build a wall to keep immigrants out, but he can't stop mother nature--who may punish him with new Democratic Immigrant voters. Mr. President, you will probably see the Puerto Rico again--next time voting against you in Orlando.


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