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Scott's Feuds

Post # 67, Bob McKnight's Subscription Commentary

"When ignored, Scott is like a child scorned."

Florida Republican Party Official

In Tallahassee, it is pretty well known that Rick Scott is not liked by many Republican office holders. It was most evident during the 2018 election, when he barely squeaked past incumbent Senator Bill Nelson to win the Junior Senator seat for Florida. Scott found himself on the outs with the Party establishment after a number of incidents:

  • Scott had a frosty relationship with the GOP Legislative leadership during his 2 terms (both of which he barely won) as Florida Governor. Most notably were his clashes with respected GOP Senate President Don Gaetz, which have carried over to Gaetz's son, Congressman Matt Gaetz.

  • Scott went our of his way to blow off the Capitol Press Corps during his 8 years as Governor, by refusing to answer their questions, closing with a "gotcha" smirk.

  • Scott, who bested the U.S. Department Justice lawyers in the massive Health Corporation of America known as "HCA," (which was run by Scott at the time) fraud case with 75 pleas for "the 5th," also pounced on a legal loop hole to hide his wealth from the public. Florida prides itself with full financial disclosure for all public servants. Among the first acts of new Republican Governor Ron DeSantis was to sign a new law closing the loophole.

  • As a courtesy, new Governor Ron DeSantis invited the outgoing Governor Scott to join in his Swearing In Ceremonies. Former GOP Governors and other VIP's proudly joined in the celebration, but Scott was reportedly seen rushing to hide from the press and to avoid the appearance of supporting the new governor..

  • Perhaps the most visible feud today is between Scott and Congressman Gaetz for the attention of President Donald Trump. Both Scott and Gaetz claim to have special insight of how to control Florida's important electoral votes, and Trump covets those votes perhaps more than those of any other state. It has been reported that Scott and Gaetz often quarrel on who gets what seat on Air Force One, when Trump visits the Sunshine State. Both want to curry favor with Trump and Gaetz appears to be winning. The loser for Trump's affection is a Republican scorned.


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